Scarves: Back to Basics

I love scarves.  They are the essential wardrobe accessory for fall.  But lately I have been seeing some horrendous things that people are doing with scarves.  If you are going to wear a scarf as part of your outfit and not just under a coat for warmth, there are some things you need to know:

Tip #1: Don’t wear a scarf with a shirt that already has a high neck.   Scarves and turtlenecks, I mean really?  I am all for turtlenecks.  I think they are classy and modest, but, please, not with a scarf!

Tip #2: If you are a wearing a shirt that has ruffles or already some decorative element at the neck of the shirt, a scarf would not be the best thing to add to that outfit.  A necklace yes, but a scarf…no.  It will cover up what is already decorative about the shirt…which you probably paid more for since it has some ruffles or a built in necklace in it, and it will not look right.

Tip #3: This brings me to the topic of scarves and sweatshirts and the answer is yes, yes, and yes.  But I am not talking about wearing a scarf with your favorite, let’s say, National League East Champions Phillies sweatshirt, I am talking about a nice pullover, like these:

I also love wearing scarves with button down’s, like Oxford’s and button down polo’s.  It looks super classy and almost anyone can get away with it!

Now go buy some scarves!!


How To Look Like a $1,000,000 For Under $100


The Cropped Coat

[photo courtesy of]

This cropped wool blend coat comes in at $69.50. For more information, visit the Old Navy website.

The Camel Coat:  I couldn’t get the picture on here but visit the Target website to see this must have for fall camel coat coming in at $59.99.


The Faux Fur

[photo courtesy of]

Okay I know some people are freaked out by faux fur and that is fine.  Just because it is a trend does not mean you have to have it, but for those who want it, this one is great.  I actually own this one and love it.  Visit the Old Navy website for sizes and other colors.  This one comes in at $29.50.

The Fur Hat

[photo courtesy of]

This hat is ADORABLE for late fall and winter.  This one is $37.99 and you can visit the Modcloth website for more details.

THE ANIMAL PRINT: Warning: No more than 2 small animal print accents per outfit. WE DO NOT LIVE AT THE ZOO!

The Leopard Belt

[ photo courtesy of]

This belt is the perfect accent for a chic outfit.  It runs at $28.00. Check out the Urban Outfitters website for more info.

The Leopard Bootie

[photo courtesy of]

These shoes are a trend for 2 reasons. 1 they are ankle booties, and 2 they are animal print.  They are a great price coming in at $49.99.  Visit the Famous Footwear website for available sizes.


Riding Boot

[photo courtesy of]

These boots are on the pricey side coming in at $99.00 but can you really put a price on a quality equestrian boot?  See the Piperlime website for sizes and more options.

Okay so there you go.  You can be trendy without spending thousands of dollars on a single item.  All of the websites that are featured here have many more options in their respective, and other categories so explore, shop, and enjoy fall =]

All Put Together

Want some ideas on how to put together an outfit?

Assembling an entire outfit can be lengthy and downright irritating for some people.  I understand.  When I know I am not going to feel like getting up any earlier than I have to put an outfit together, I do it the night before.  But even more than that, some people just do not know how to put an outfit together.  What top goes with what jeans.  What shoes go with what belt.  What earrings go with my new necklace.

Well, fear no more.  There is a website is called looklet and you can choose your model, and the clothes.  There are so many things to choose from, they have everything you could ever want, and it’s really fun.

It might help you get some ideas for your own outfits, or you can just have fun dressing up models.  It is grown-up dress up for fashionistas.

I have a page on there too, so you can take a look at all of the outfits that I have put together.

Have fun!!

Style Gets Personal

As much as I love fashion and keeping up with trends, there is nothing more important than dressing in a way that makes you feel like, well, you.  That is what personal style is all about, and here are some steps help achieve personal style:

1. No matter what the trends say, chose colors that mesh well with your skin-tone and hair color.  Most people make this choice based on what “season” they are.  You can either be a winter (earth tones and dark, deep hues), a spring (pastels, faded and subtle tones) a summer (whites and brights), or a fall (also earth tones, neutrals, and blacks).  Discovery Health has a great article on how to determine what season you are, which will further help you with your personal style.

2. Make sure you are comfortable.  I, for one, am comfortable being uncomfortable for the sake of fashion.  Everyone does not feel that way, so whatever you chose to wear for the day, make sure you could wear it all day with no problems.

3. Own it.  Personal style is all about being confident about what you are wearing even if it is not “in”.

4. Attitude must match clothes and clothes must match attitude.  Wear what you feel and feel what you wear. Simple enough.

5. Accessorize.  There is no better tell of personal style than how you accessorize.  Whether it be bangles, drop earring, chandelier earrings, studs, etc., if you rock it, it works.

I express myself through my clothes, as do many others.  Some people take it way too the extreme, like Lady Gaga or keep it age appropriate like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.   Then there are other who keep up with the latest trends like Hilary Duff and Blake Lively.

The message here is be yourself, be comfortable, be confident, and be stylish.

Your Hair Is Your Crowning Glory

So I got really excited today when I saw that I had my first comment so I would like to dedicate this Tip of the Day to Toni!

As Toni said in the comment, hairstyles really can make an outfit causal, trendy or formal, but it is also the outfit you are wearing that can make a hairstyle look casual or formal…and I am here to tell you how aaand a little added bonus…I am going to demonstrate as many of them as I can on myself and post the pictures so you can see what they look like.

Okay so let’s start with casual: when I want a casual look, my go to hairstyle is a french braid, whether it is just my bangs or a side braided pony-tail like this:

The Side Braid

My next favorite casual hairstyle is the ever classic bun. I love wearing buns with v-neck sweaters because the hairstyle combined with the sweater really show off the neck and collar bone and that is always in and makes me personally feel more confident.  I put my hair in a pony tail first and then twist the pony tail into a bun and secure it with a second hair tie.  (hairspray and bobby pins also help if your hair is hard to tame).

The Bun

Also, when I want to go casual, when I get out of the shower I put my hair in a messy bun and leave it in there until it is almost dry.  When you take the bun out, your hair is wavy in a “I didn’t do this on purpose my hair is naturally like this” kind of way.  Blake Lively is actually famous for this.  Before she gets on set she puts her hair in a wet bun, leaves it in, and then takes it out when she gets to set and that is usually how her hair is on Gossip Girl.  To check out more casual and trendy hairstyles, head to my favorite website for celebrity fashion and trends.

Okay so formal.  When I am dressing up and I want my hair to match my outfit, I almost always go with curly.  My hair is on the short side so i have to be careful when i curl it, but there is a certain way to do it.  Instead of rolling the curling up towards your head, you actually want to start at the top and wrap the piece of hair around the curling iron…I feel like this makes it look more natural and less beauty pageant.  Here is a little sample:

Dressy Curls

If you want to go really formal, there is nothing classier than a sleek, tight, high pony tail believe it or not.  Just look at this and you will see what I mean…but I’m not such a fan of the dark roots in that picture.  Another big trend that we have been seeing (and by we I mean me and fashion magazines) is the bouffant bun which I am a HUGE fan of.  Check out this for an idea.

As for the color of your hair, that is all a personal thing, but of course I will tell you what I think.  Go natural.  If your hair is blond, keep it blond.  If it is black, keep it black.  Everyone’s hair color is different in some way and it makes you unique.  You cannot buy unique in a box.  But if you do decide to dye your hair, make sure it matches your skin tone.  There is nothing I hate more than seeing someone with dark brown eyebrows and bright blond hair…who do you think you are fooling?

I hope this answered your questions Toni and thanks for the comment!  Keep them coming!!

Signing off now…my beloved Phillies are on ❤

Just Because They Zip, Doesn’t Mean They Fit

Jeans can be very tricky.  I know this from first hand experience…one size fits in one store but not in another.  That doesn’t mean I’m not normal, all stores sizes are different.  But the biggest piece of advice I can give on jeans is this: no matter what the size, buy jeans that FIT.  Somewhere along the lines, people figured that if they bought a smaller size of jeans than what they actually are, that they would look thinner.  This is absolutely not true.  Wearing a size jean that is too small, cuts your body off in very unflattering places like the stomach and thighs.  I have jeans in my closet that range from a size 8 to a size 10.  Do I have a problem with this? Yes and no.  My jeans come from all different stores and when I am a size 8, lets say in Gap, I might be a size 10 in New York and Company.  It is all in how the jeans are made.  If I am feeling a little heavier, I’ll go with the size 10 and know that I still look good instead if trying to squeeze myself into a size 8, and actually make myself look heavier than I am or feel.  It makes me so angry when I see women on the street wearing jeans that are way too small, either because they can’t face the fact that they are not that size anymore or because they haven’t bothered to bu new jeans.  Ladies, listen to this very carefully.  If there is one thing that you should splurge on, it’s jeans.  A good pair can do amazing things for your body.  Here are some helpful tips on what to look for when picking out jeans:

Style:  when it comes to curvier women like myself, I tend to go for flare legged jeans because it balances out my hips with the lower half of my legs.  If you are like me and are obsessed with boots, straight or skinny jeans are a must, but if you think that you are the same size in skinny jeans that you are in regular jeans, you are wrong.  Be prepared to go up as much as 2 pant sizes for skinny jeans.  For people who do not really need to worry about balancing out their hips and thighs with the rest of the body, any style of jean really works.  If you go with a flare leg jean make sure it is tight around the thighs and looser at the calf.

Wash:  there are soo many washes of jeans these days.  Here are ones to stay away from:  extremely light washed jeans.  If you want to go really light, get white jeans.  There is nothing flattering about baby blue denim.  Black denim is a big favorite of mine because black is almost always flattering and paired with the right style of jean it can be a winner every time.  A regular denim wash is my favorite though because you know it will look good and it will go with everything.  Also, jeans with built in crease lines can be really bad.  Built in crease lines are okay if they are around the pocket right where the leg naturally bends, but no one wants crease lines below their butt or behind the knees, so stay away from that.

Length:  I am 5′ 4″ and I go with regular length jeans.  They are always the perfect length.  But here is a little trick:  if you are a stickler about being the same size in every jean and find a pair somewhere that is a little tight, try going with that size but in LONG…for some reason they are always a little looser in the waist and you can just hem them (or in my case, have your mom hem them!)

Jean pet peeve:  Ladies, if you do find yourself wearing a pair of jeans that are a little small, and we all do it, DO NOT pair it with an equally too tight top.  At least try to camouflage the muffin top with a flowy but trendy top or a comfort fitting oxford with vertical stripes, naturally drawing attention down from you midsection.

That’s all for now..have ideas for the next tip of the day?? Leave a comment!

Accessories: The piece de resistance of the Fashion World

Every outfit could use a little more zing to it.  Whether it is jewelry, shoes, or a nice bag.  Even so much as a decorative headband can turn an outfit from plain to attention grabbing.  I personally have a collection of about 25 headbands, ranging from sparkles to metallic, to braided, and they all add something to my wardrobe.  But today I’m mostly here to write about jewelry, bags and shoes.

When it comes to jewelry, it is so easy to overdue it.  If you are going to go with a chunky earring, or multiple earrings, you need to lighten up on the necklace.  I suggest something like a long chain so there is not too much going on from the neck up.  A long chain draws the eye down and actually elongates your neck.  I do not have a problem with mixing silver and gold…if they are in the same piece of jewelry.  Gold earrings and a silver necklace…that’s a no no.  But a gold necklace with silver accents…that is perfectly acceptable.  You have more freedom when it comes to bracelets because they are so far away from all of your other accessories.  My motto with bracelets is layer layer layer.  Different styles, different materials, different sizes…you can get away with almost anything.

My Biggest Tip for Jewelry: it is so easy to look overdone so my advice is, if you are wearing chunky earrings, skip the necklace (even if it is a long chain as previously recommended) and go with the chunky bracelets.  If you are going with layered necklaces, skip the bracelets and go with a simple pair of earrings, either studs or plain hoops, but not big ones.  We all know what the saying is for big hoops.

Bags are a different story.  Bags should accent your outfit and make it look that much better.  It shouldn’t blend in with your outfit.  That being said, bags in pop colors are very in for the fall.  This means red, royal blue, black, or the oh so bold and fashionable leopard print (which is hot hot this fall).  There is no one style of bag that I recommend, it is whatever works for you, but make sure it makes your outfit pop!

Shoes are the most important part of and outfit believe it or not.  They can make it or break it.  I am a huge fan of flats right now, they go with almost anything, including my wide leg, high-waisted, sailor jeans.  Most people say that shoes have to be comfortable, and for most people they do, which is actually normal.  But for me, even if they are the most uncomfortable shoes in the world, but I have to have them, I buy them.  But here is a tip…I wear them when I know I’m going to be sitting all night!  The same with bags, pop colors are really in right now, especially the leopard print.  But don’t overdo it with the leopard, either on the shoe or in the bag..not both

Okay that is it for today I’m making a target run!!  Scarves are on sale =]

Stay tuned for tomorrow for another tip of the day!!

From One Fashionista to Another

Welcome to the first ever post on my first ever blog!  This is going to be a blog about fashion and style.  I’m Jenn and I’m writing from my way too small dorm room at Rowan University.  My love of fashion is almost at an obsessive point, but I view that as a good thing.  The more you love something, the more people will want to read what you have to write about it…right?  So for the duration of this blog, I will be going out on the town, a.k.a Rowan University, and possibly a surrounding town, to figure out what people think about fashion and personal style.  There will be tons of pictures of my observations for those of you that need a visual to go along with the writing (don’t feel bad, I do too!) and there will also be some interviews with live people to hear what they have to say.  Of course, my opinion and fashion tips will also be making an appearance in the blog because I know everyone is dying to hear what I have to say =].  Check back soon for everyone fashion and style!