One Night in New Jersey

Last night in Atlantic City, Perez Hilton (a celebrity blogger) hosted a show at the House of Blues in which he titled “One Night in New Jersey” and I was lucky enough to attend.  It was Halloween weekend so of course there were people dressed in full costume, including Perez Hilton who went as Snooki from the Jersey Shore.

This costume is ATROCIOUS!!! But then again so is Snooki, and Perez Hilton for that matter so it’s a perfect match.

The first performer to go on is Dev.  For those of you who don’t know her (it’s okay neither did I) she sings the chorus in the song “Like a G6”.  How these people are famous with songs like that is beyond me.

Her outfit was quite interesting but oddly enough I LOVED it.  It was so creative and it fits perfect for the genre of music that she sings which is a combination of rap, pop, and something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Her bandeau top was a good match for her super high waist patterned tights.  The faux (I hope) fur shaw topped off the whole ensemble.

The next performer to go on was Natalia Kills.  After her performance I still don’t really know what her style of clothes or music is.  She is signed with Lady Gaga’s label and that was very apparent.  Her outfit and the sound of her music is eerily similar to Ms. Gaga.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe all of the things that are wrong with this outfit.  Let me break it down for you: bra, high waist underwear, handcuffs, trench coat.  Maybe it was supposed to be a Halloween costume but if not it was just a really bad outfit choice.  And to be completely honest, her music wasn’t much better.


Quote of the day

“Fashion is an expression of self, not an expression of how much money you have”

It’s that time of year again, Halloween is right around the corner

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I don’t know where along the lines of history it became okay for young woman to be parading around on Halloween in barely there outfits.  I blame Mean Girls and the idea that you can wear lingerie and animal ears and have an instant costume.  As much as I love that movie, it sends out the completely wrong message that girls who are showing a ton of skin on Halloween are cool and girls who create a genuinely creative costume are losers.  Well, I stand, I mean sit, before you now to tell you that barely there is not the way to go.  If you want to dress up as a Disney Princess that’s fine, but I don’t remember Cinderella‘s outfit being equipped with stilettos and knee-high socks to go with the blue bustier and short skirt.  I for one, would rather be covered up and adorable than exposed and easy.

Have a safe and happy Halloween from your local fashionista!

New Blog!

This blog has inspired me to spread my wings onto different categories.  I have created a new blog that is going to be all about breaking down and analyzing the fashions on America’s most popular television shows.  Remember my post about the fashions of Gossip Girl?  Well, I decided to make a whole blog about that and I am super excited.

It’s in the very early stages but keep checking back for new updates!

Check it out NOW!!

From Flour White to Navy Blue

For those of you who watch Cake Boss on TLC, you know that Buddy Valastro (owner and pastry chef at Carlo’s Bake Shop) is always covered in flour and wearing his chef jacket.  On a Saturday trip to Hoboken, New Jersey, my friend and I waited in line for an hour and a half to get into Carlo’s Bakery.  In rare style, Buddy made an appearance.  He came around the corner and all I could notice was how sharp his suit was.  Some men do not understand the suit and how they are supposed to fit.  Buddy Valastro is not one of them.  So what is my verdict for his navy blue suit with a red accent tie?


photo courtesy of Creative Commons


What College Kids Are Wearing: Day 1

Say hello to Brittany Wehner.  She is a senior Rowan.  I spotted her when I was leaving a class in Bozorth and had to get a picture.

She is the perfect person for my blog because she steps outside of the boundaries of fashion and still manages to look adorable.  Here is how the interview went:

Me (Jenn Post): What is your major?

Her (Brittany Wehner): Journalism major with a concentration in creative writing

JP: What do you want to accomplish after you graduate?

BW: I want to enlist into the coast guard, go back to school, get continuously published, write books, and live and work in NYC.

JP: What do you think about when picking out your outfit for the day?

BW: I think about the weather and my mood and try to mesh them! I like to feel comfortable, but I constantly change my outfit in the morning a bunch of times until i feel like I am not clashing with anything.

JP: Where do you normally shop?

BW: I shop in ALL the clearance sections. Always. I hardly ever pay for full priced items. Cheap stores like Ross and even Walmart. Thrift Stores too. And then clearance racks at Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and Delias.

JP: Do you care about the latest fashions and trends?

BW: I never care about the latest fashions! if it is spunky and fun… I’ll make it work for myself! i love crazy bizarre fun things. A lot of things are hand-me-downs from the 70s and/or 80s. FUN! It’s gotta be fun!

I am absolutely in love with her theories about fashion and how she doesn’t take it too seriously.  Having fun with fashion make you feel confident, sexy and powerful so I’m with Brittany on this one.  Just have FUN with your clothes!!

P.S. if you love thrift shopping like Ms. Wehner does, I found this amazing website where you just enter your zip code and they direct you to the nearest thrift stores so check it out!!

Annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show

It has been proven that millions of people wait in anticipation of the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show and this year is no different.  Bouncing back from having a baby, hot mama Adriana Lima will be strutting her stuff down the catwalk in a, wait for it, $2 MILLION BRA.  The fashion show will premiere on November 30, 2010 on CBS.

photo courtesy of

This masterpiece is a combination of white diamonds, topaz and sapphires and bedazzled straps.  The $2 million bra has 60 carats of white diamonds and 82 carats of topaz and sapphires.

For a sneak peek of Adriana Lima and more information on the fashion show, check out!

Wear Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

This month is breast cancer awareness month.  Cancer in general is very close to my heart and I just want to make sure people aren’t getting caught up in the fashion statement of wearing pink for breast cancer awareness.  While pink is very cute, there is a reason it is so huge this month and no matter why you are wearing it, the money you spent on it, is going to a good cause.

Don’t lose site of why wearing pink is a huge deal in October and May.  These months are set aside to pay tribute to all of the people who have been affected by breast cancer or who just want to lend a helping hand.

So keep on wearing pink, because you are doing a good thing.  Just know why you are wearing it.  It’s not just a trend, it’s a cause/

Gossip Girl fashions: my top picks for season 4 so far

As most people know, Gossip Girl is my favorite show and Blake Lively is my style icon and I wish I could have her wardrobe.  This season on Gossip Girl, the fashions do not disappoint as usual.  Everyone involved in the show is insanely well dressed and we should all be jealous.  Here are some of my favorite looks and accessories from this season so far:


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This ring that Jessica Szohr is wearing is so chic.  It is a cocktail ring, which is always in, and it is kind of in between silver and gold which gives it a very urban feel.


photo courtesy of


This dress that Katie Cassidy is wearing is to die for.  The colors are amazing and they compliment her skin tone and hair color so flawlessly.  This dress should be on everyone’s must have list.


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This sleek black ensemble that Serena van der Woodsen is wearing is form-fitting and flattering.  There are shiny elements to it which draw in the eye to certain parts of the outfit.  Not many people can pull this look off,but Blake Lively is one of them.


photo courtesy of


This dress makes me crazy.  This is by far my favorite Serena van der Woodsen look so far in season 4.  The cutout at the bust of the dress is so well done and tasteful.  The glitter element around the waist and the neck tie the whole thing together.

A Day of Pampering

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While at an Italian American Festival in West Deptford, my friend and I won some free make-up from a Mary Kay raffle.  While doing a second drawing, it turned out that my friend, Suzann Petrongolo, won a pampering session from a Mary Kay representative.  This slide show is in chronological order from the start of the makeover to the end.