Goodbye for now

As the semester ends and winter break approaches, my blog is going on hiatus.  I started this blog as a school assignment and it became so much more than that.  It became my hobby and something that I looked forward to doing.  Since I will be off campus for a month it makes sense to take a break.  Maybe I will be back for the Spring semester, maybe I won’t.

So for now, let’s take a look back at some of my favorite post’s.

Your Hair is Your Crowning Glory – this post is one of my favorites because it was a fan request and I was thrilled to be able to answer her questions and help her out.  It was also a way I could thank her for reading and responding to my blog.

What College Kids are Wearing: Day 1 – this was the first on campus interview that I did with a student.  It was fun to hear about fashion from the perspective of someone who was limited as to what they could wear and afford.

From Flour White to Navy Blue – this was one of my FAVORITE post’s because of the subject. I have been to Carlo’s Bakery multiple times and this is the first time Buddy Valastro was there.  Instead of being in his chef whites covered in flour, he was wearing a super sharp blue suit and was ready to greet his fans.

One Night in New Jersey – even though this event turned out to be a little bit of a disaster, the reason this makes my top blog post’s is because this was the first post that showed up in a search engine!  Someone Google-d “a night in new jersey” and my blog showed up on the first page.  I was so excited.

Vogue Magazine: From Fashion Weekly to Fashion Bible – I chose this to round out my favorite post’s because I am very proud of the work I did on this one, technology wise.  I made a movie, figured out how to get it on You-tube, then figured out how to get it on my blog without any help,which if you know me, is very exciting.


What College Kids are Wearing: the Finale Part 2

For the final part of my blog and What College Kids are Wearing, I went around and interviewed a few students.  Amanda Tibbitts was the first student I interviewed.  She is a writing arts major and a junior at Rowan University.  I sat down with her and conducted the interview.  It was very casual and I pretty much just let her talk.  I didn’t prompt her with questions, I just told her to talk about her style, her wardrobe, what she likes and doesn’t like, where she likes to shop, etc.

Amanda mentioned most that she likes to be comfortable, which is a trend I noticed a lot this semester.  Whether it was with heels, or sweats, she definitely likes to be comfortable.  Her style is very casual, but she likes to get dressed up and look nice when she goes out to parties or other social events.  Amanda likes to shop at Old Navy because she likes that they have plain clothes that can be paired with anything.  She also mentioned that she loves black and as soon as she walks into a store she usually automatically goes right to the dark section.  She mentioned that she just got a leather jacket which is very fashionable, but that she likes her pea coat more because it keeps her warmer.  Even though she loves sweatshirts, sweatpants and t-shirts, Amanda said she has loved dresses ever since was little.  When she picks out dresses she has to look for ones that have some volume on the bottom to give her body some shape.

The next student I interviewed was Erica Klickovich.  She is a communications major and a junior at Rowan University.  I did this one the same way as Amanda’s.  We just sat down and I gave her the same guidelines and I let her talk about her style.  Erica identified her style as simple, usually consisting of jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt.  Like Amanda, she likes to look extra nice when she goes out on special occasions, or even sometimes just to the store just in case she runs into someone she knows.  She likes to stand out.  She loves wearing heels when she goes out because they make her look taller.  Erica likes to shop at places like Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Wet Seal, and other stores she compares to being “Forever 21” type stores.

Caroline Liranzo was the last student I interviewed and her’s went the same way as Amanda and Erica’s.  She is a public relations major and also a junior at Rowan.  Caroline said that her two favorite stores are Forever 21 and H&M because they have clothes that fit her personality and style.  This interview was my favorite because she said something so important.  When she goes into a store to look for new clothes, she buys things that are in HER style, not just in style.

I learned so much about college fashion through these three interviews.  Comfort is a huge requirement, but everyone needs a little glamor every now and then.

Whatever you chose to wear, don’t forget to be yourself and let your personality shine beyond your clothes.

What College Kids are Wearing: the Finale Part 1