‘Melo carries team

Despite the Knicks losing to the Celtics on Wednesday, Carmelo Anthony put on quite a show for the fans. It was a tough loss, as they only lost by three points.

The Knicks scored 93 points, and Anthony had 42 of them.  They were forced to play the second half of the game without Amare Stoudemire because he was suffering from back spasms.

They were also without Chauncey Billups who missed the entire game with a sore left knee.

The Knicks were down 63-74 with 45 seconds left in the third. In the start of the fourth, Carmelo Anthony single-handedly brought the Knicks back into the game when he scored the first even points of the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, the Knicks couldn’t hold on to that lead, but it was without a doubt and entertaining game.

Boston leads the series two games to none.


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