A five minute major?

I can’t even believe my eyes but Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers has just been given a five minute major for something that, at most, should have been a roughing call.

Chris Kaleta was coming at Richards on the boards and, in natural self defense mode, Richard put his elbow up to defend himself. Kaleta went down to the ice holding his head.  I’m not saying that he was faking, but this is not the only instance in this game where a member of the Buffalo Sabres has exaggerated a play or a check to make it look like they are the victim.

Ian Laperriere said during intermission that a play like that used to be considered a good play because you are defending yourself.

Earlier in the game, in front of the Sabres net, a Sabres team member accidentally hit his own goalie with his stick, but since there was a Flyers player right next to him, he decided to play it off like he was the one who high-sticked the goalie.

Both players received a penalty for roughing when the real play showed that no one really should have gotten a penalty.

That is the same case in this latest call. If anyone should have gotten a penalty it should have been Kaleta, but just the fact that Richards got a five minute major is mind-blowing.

The refs are known for not necessarily liking the Flyers.  They think they are too rough and apparently think that every Flyers team is the Broad Street Bullies. Because of this, it always seems like the refs have it out for the Flyers.

The Flyers will start the third period one man down, and one goal down.


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