Flyers call up Rinaldo

The Philadelphia Flyers have called up center Zac Rinaldo from the Adirondack Phantoms. Jeff Carter and Chris Pronger are both out for tonight’s game against the Sabres, so they need some help.

Rinaldo has 331 penalty minutes in 60 games with the Phantoms.  He is a fast player and he hits…everything.

Not like the Flyers need more penalties but the do need someone to pump up their energy. They are on home ice tonight and the Wells Fargo Center is going to be jumping.

Fans decked out in “seek and destroy” orange T-shirts create a sea of orange in the seats. There will be no shortage chants, fights, and overall energy in tonight’s game.

The series is tied 2-2. The Sabres have their goalie to thank for this being such a tight race. Just like baseball teams can win games with pitching and defense, hockey teams can win games with goalies.

The Flyers have by far outplayed the Sabres but letting just one goal pass Boucher or Bobrovsky can make a difference.

In reality, the Flyers couldn’t be playing any better.

Boucher has a 1.44 goal per game average, which is pretty outstanding. And yet, the series is tied.

With Pronger and Carter being out tonight, the team will definitely feel the absence but it hopefully will not deter the success they have been having.

Carter is listed as day-to-day while Pronger will most likely not be returning this series.


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