Flyers: overtime recap

Next goal wins. There is no shootout in NHL playoffs so if no one scores in this overtime, they will play overtime until someone does. It’s getting kind of late so I’m hoping the Flyers score early.

For some reason, the Flyers have become afraid of just shooting the puck. They are holding onto it for too long and losing so much opportunity to capitalize on this overtime.

A few sloppy plays have been made lately, sloppy passes and sloppy shots on goal. If the Flyers don’t clean up and sharpen their game, they are never getting out of this alive.

And with that said, Tyler Ennis and has scored in overtime and the Sabres have taken game five.

The Flyers had their chances and just couldn’t get it done. I’m not losing faith, but frustration would be a better word.

The Flyers now face elimination on Sunday.


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