Flyers:period 3 recap

The third period starts off with the teams pretty evenly matched. The first minute of the game up until an icing call was basically spent down in the Sabres zone with the Flyers in control of the puck.

With 16:24 remaining in the game Danny Briere has tied the game at 3!

The pass to Briere from Richards was at an impossible angle and was so lightening fast to Briere on the side of the net. Briere basically stopped the puck in midair and then shot it in the net for the goal. Amazing. The crowd is on their feet as it is now anyone’s game.

Both teams were crowding the net about halfway through allowing a couple of close calls for Leighton. But that, of course, didn’t last very long as the Flyers regained control.

Leighton has been getting a lot more action this period so far. I don’t think that means the Flyers are slacking, the Sabres maybe just got a wake up call as the Flyers did in the second period. Now the Flyers are going to have to try to offset that with as much power, speed and agility as they had in the second period, and possibly more.

Buffalo is on power play with 12:20 remaining because of an interference call on Danny Briere.

In hopes to avoid overtime and the always dreaded shoot out, with nine minutes remaining, the Flyers need to score within the next four or five minutes. This will give them the momentum and hopefully carry them through the end of the game not giving the Sabres a chance to regain control.

As the clock winds down the game gets increasingly more stressful. The Flyers have had many shot on goal in the last couple of minutes but have been unable to sink any of them into the back of the net. The Sabres have, however, out shot the Flyers 11-5 in this period although it doesn’t seem that way.

Ville Leino had control of the puck and moved it all the way up the ice and instead of shooting the puck, he held on to it and in turn, gave the puck away to Buffalo. With 2:22 left, the Flyers go to a PECO power play because of a hooking call on Jordan Leopold.

One thing the Flyers have seemed to forget how to do in this series is score on the power play. This would be a really good time to insert that back into their memory. The Flyers stay close to the net making sure not to let anything get taken away from them. Miller, despite his slip-up in the second period, is a brick wall and not letting anything past him despite amazing efforts by the Flyers.

Leighton is also on his game as he has stopped all 18 shots that have come his way since he replace Boucher earlier in the game.

The Flyers call a timeout with 1:13 left in the game in hopes of squeezing a little bit of a pep talk to get these guys through the game, hopefully with a win and a lead in the series.

Well, it looks like three periods was not enough so we head to over time. Stay tuned for a recap of that as well.

It has also just been reported that Jeff Carter will also be out for this entire series against Buffalo.


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